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Finally cosplayed Arima on day 2 of Best of Anime 2014. There’s still a lot I have to improve though. The harness is a bit off. XDD I followed the version on Chapter 138’s cover page, just in case anyone’s confused. ALSOOO— I copied the glasses based from the anime. ;u;) 

Approaching Kaneki cosplayers was the highlight of my day. XDD The expressions on their faces— totally priceless. HAHA. //thrown to a cliff 

Thank you so much to all the friends and new friends I’ve met!  

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"See? I TOLD you that Rize girl would turn you down! What’s wrong with you asking for a bookstore date anyway!"
"Y-you don’t have to say it like that Hide! I…"
"Ah, just forget her, let’s go grab something to eat!"

Uff, that’s done. Took longer than expected! I am not really a KaneHide fan, but I like their friendship! :) So - I just had to imagine what it could have been like….without that bookstore date. Kaneki being able to lead a happy life…*sobs* (aaand I wanted to draw fluff and no Sufferneki for a change ;D)

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Strangely, I thought he was beautiful.

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havent uploaded art on tumblo for awhile lol _(:3
reposts of some TG arts from my twitter
i want to draw more of diff chars but what is motivation

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you choose to be hurt rather than to hurt others

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talking to rinoni about tokyo mew mew crossover PLS LOOK AT HIS SUZU/KANEKI THEY ARE GORGEOUS

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